The Last Were Buried Here:Sacrificial Stone

Safe where wind blows and bluebells bloom

the last were buried here,
a watery defence from wolves
roaming the lands beyond,
sssshh lonley Isle

I am not a film editor I am a painter and so by mixing the light in DaVinci Resolve, as two continuous takes collide, my film explores the thickness of light, on a mysterious Scottish island covered in bluebells, where the last of the Knights Templar were buried; their graves now canopied under three great redwood pines.

2020 May  Alchemy Film Festival  Nation’s Favourites Shorts                  World Premiere. Online, Hawick. Scotland, 

2020 12th Nov – Film & Video Poetry Symposium                          North American Premiere Los Angeles, USA 

2020 4th-6th Dec – New York Tri-State International Film Festival, USA        New York Premiere. Online


Best Woman Filmmaker   NEUKÖLLN Deadline   Berlin Underground Film Festival  2020

Honorable Mention   Experimental Forum  2020

Bluebell island is only visited by shallow boats and canoes and by night it is surrounded by black water. For six glorious weeks of the year, this windy isle is carpeted in bluebells, yet its beauty is contrasted with the stillness of an ancient graveyard and a feeling of desolate isolation. To make your journey there and return is to know that you have been somewhere.

I am interested in structural films which present events. Pursuing this form of film making into the digital era, my films combine continuous takes which simultaneously converge as layers. The edit is performed through colour grading and selection, which I see as the thickness of light, where the event makes its appearance.

REVIEW by Writer, Borja Castelligo Calvo
The Last Were Buried Here


Still from The Last Were Buried Here
The Last Were Buried Here. Knight’s Head Stone